60000 After Tax

60000 After Tax

England is, without doubt, one of the multicultural capitals of the world. England is also a hotbed for many wannabe migrants looking to turn on a new leaf. So, what comes to your mind every time you hear about England?

Bowler hats, the queen, stiff upper lip? Well, there are a lot of stereotypes surrounding the British Isles. There a lot of things to consider before living in England. For instance, the cost of living.

Let’s say you’ve been called in for a job with a salary of about 60000 pounds after tax. How well can you live in the queen’s backyard with a salary of £60000 after tax?

Let’s break this down further. How does 60000 after tax in the UK look like?

60000 Breakdown
60000 Breakdown


Your gross income is £ 60,000. This translates to £ 5,000, £ 1153.85, £ 230.77 monthly, weekly and daily, respectively.

Taxable income

Your taxable income will be £ 47,500 a year. That translates to £ 3,958.33, £ 913.46, £182.69 monthly, weekly, and daily respectively.

Tax payable

Your tax is payable will £11,500 every year. That will be £958.33, £221.15, £44.23 monthly, weekly and daily respectively.

National insurance

The national insure will cut £5,060 every single year. This figure translates to £421.67, £97.31, £19.46 monthly, weekly, and daily respectively.

Your take home

After all those reductions, you’ll be able to take home a total of £43,440 a year. This translates to £3,620, £835.39, £167.08 monthly, weekly and daily, respectively.

So, how’s it living in England?


Sports is like a religion in England – it’s woven into the Country’s culture fabric! Football is a national sport with thousands of residents devoting their weekends to cheer their favorite teams. Pubs will show live games or host some “pub games”, including pool, darts, and snooker.

Whether you will be a just a spectator or a player, sports can be a great tool to socialize and to get yourself conversant with the Country’s culture.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise is very famous in England. Hundreds if not thousands of tourists visit the King’s Cross Station in London to see the Harry Potter shop and take pictures next to the 93 /4 sign platform.

Although Hogwarts is a fictional location, the Harry Potter series has really cemented the English culture.

Studying in England

England is the home of top universities including Cambridge and Oxford. Studying in the UK is an exciting adventure in itself. It’s all about getting yourself out of the comfort zone and opening up to a new culture and a wide range of new opportunities.

To study in the UK, you must acquire a general student (tier 4) visa and of course, a spot in a given course. You must also be at least 16 years old, have sufficient funds for school fees and upkeep, and have an understanding of the English language.

Working in England

There are some mandatory requirements for you to be able to work in England. If you come from a country that is outside Switzerland or the European Economic Area (EFA), you must be earning a minimum of £35,000 annually after six years. There are exceptions, however, depending on your occupation.

It is easier for engineers, doctors, ballet dancers, teachers, scientists, environmentalists, and surgeons to find jobs in England. Those professionals are scarce in England.

The Cost of Living

Just like any other country, the cost of living will vary depending on where you choose to live. Normally, the nearer you are to London, the higher the cost of living. The living wage in the capital is about £9.75 every hour (full-time employment) as compared to £8.45 every hour in the rest of the UK.

In addition to this, public transport is expensive. For example, England has the most expensive rail transport in the whole world. In fact, some journeys might be five times as expensive as in other countries all over Europe.

Therefore, it is more economical to have a car and a driver’s license rather than just relying on public transit.

Considering England’s culture, healthy economy, and job market, it is evident why the Country is a popular destination, especially for ex-pats. However, ensure you have enough money for your upkeep. 60000 after tax could be a good place to start.