About Us

About us

-We are based in the United Kingdom
-We help people free of charge to calculate their annual net earnings
-We are a team of three developers passionate about helping other people needs free of charge.
Main developer info: Eddie, from London, age 30, passionate about finance and in the spare time loves playing football near King Cross underground station.


Our services provide a comprehensive breakdown of the salary you will receive before tax and then your net salary after all deductions. We do not just give you the figures of your net pay, pension contributions or National Insurance pay. We go further to explain in details what these figures are, and we help you get the precise amount you are to pay. We ensure to breakdown all your take-home pay for the year, month, week, daily and hourly pay to give you a thorough overview of your earnings.
This is not just the regular tool service where you enter your earnings in a box and then it gives you the figures of your take-home pay or income tax or other deductions. We go all out to ensure you have a vivid understanding of all your earnings for every tax year.
We interact with you on your earnings, so that at the end of the day, you are better equipped to understand and manage your earnings like a pro and our services are free of charge.


Gross Pay

Our website helps you understand what your gross pay is and how it is different from your take-home pay. We help calculate so many gross incomes ranging from £21,000, £22k, £42000 to as high as £100,000 salary earners.

Net pay

Most employees do not know that the net pay is what they take home after all deductions have been made from their gross salary. Once you know your gross pay, we simply help you calculate all your deductions to arrive at your Net Pay. These deductions could be your pension contributions, student loans, income tax or National Insurance. Whatever your deductions are, we will help you get your net pay.

Employer Total Cost

The employer total cost includes Employers National Insurance, Employer pension contributions and the employee’s gross Pay. This figure allows employers to budget correctly for their employee/s.
We help employers calculate pension contributions for employees and ensure that they abide by the yearly tax thresholds set by the government.

Pension Contributions

Pension contributions can be a complicated task to calculate. Often time’s employees would ask if they are eligible for a workplace pension (Automatic Enrolment). Our website answers any of your questions regarding your pension contribution. We help you calculate your pension contribution. In addition, we give you a breakdown of what your yearly pension contribution will amount to for each tax year.

Student loans repayment

Our website gives you a clear direction on which student loan you are meant to pay back. We are committed to explaining and helping you determine your student loans per tax year. We also help you calculate your actual student loans based on your income.

Taxable income

We help our readers understand how the taxable income woks. Not all your income is taxed, we help you understand what part of your income is taxable and we give you a thorough breakdown of your taxable income for every tax year.


Anyone can use our service and we provide guidance across a wide range of money matters, including a number of useful tools and calculators to help people manage their money. Our focus is on supporting people who can benefit the most from our help; this includes employers, employees, pension contributors, income taxpayers, student loan repayments etc.
We also work with a wide range of other organisations to make our content available to their customers, clients, members, followers or employees. If you are interested in finding out your earnings for each tax year or you are trying to understand all the deductions on your payslip, then our services are for you.
If you have a question or enquiry to make, you can contact us online, visit or give us a call. Learn about how we are always available to help you with your needs.