Civil Engineer Salary

Civil Engineer Salary

Civil Engineers earn an average salary of £31,253 or £13.52 per hour, with bonus, commission and profit-sharing up to £1,140, £3,500 and £1,556 respectively.

Pay by Experience Level for Civil Engineers

The entry-level, years of experience and the average salary for Civil Engineers are as follow:
Entry-level Civil Engineers with less than one-year experience earns £25,244 (bonus, overtime pay, and tips are included).
Early career Civil Engineers with 1-4 years of experience can expect to earn £29,286.
Mid-career Civil Engineers with 5-9 years of experience will pocket £33,936.
Experienced Civil Engineers with 10-19 years of experience will make £39,258.
Late career Civil Engineers with more than twenty years’ experience can look forward to a total average of £46,078 compensation.

Essential Skills for Civil Engineers

Microsoft Office, Engineering Design, Autodesk AutoCAD, Project Management, and Microsoft Excel are some of the most popular skills for Civil Engineers.

How Become a Civil Engineer?

Civil engineering is a broad term covering a wide range of skills. What is considered to be civil engineering is dependent upon one’s training, experience, and qualification.

There is a wide variety of courses and qualifications available in this field from (or at least partially offered by) your local MTC and many universities. Civil engineers are based in universities and generally work alongside related occupations. Civil engineers tend to have more advanced degrees than other professions.

What Do Civil Engineers Do?

In the UK, a Civil Engineer (CE) provides a wide range of engineering services, including Design, Contract, and Construction; Engineering Design; Geotechnical Engineering; Land Survey; Survey Operations and Surveying, Remediation, Salvage and Reconstruction.

In addition to these fundamental roles, CEs can take on specialist roles such as Engineering Systems, Engineering Construction, Water and Drainage Systems, Municipal Engineering, Land Remediation, Infrastructure Development, and Development Services, Off-Road Vehicle Operations and Facilities Planning and Installation.