Graphic Designer Salary

Graphic Designer Salary

Graphic Designers earn an average salary of £24,737 or £12.98 per hour, with up to £1,036 in bonus.

Pay by Experience Level for Graphic Designers

The entry-level, years of experience and the average salary for Graphic Designers are as follow:
Entry-level Graphic Designers with less than one-year experience earns £20,326 (bonus, overtime pay, and tips are included).
Early-career Graphic Designers with 1-4 years of experience can expect to earn £22,329.
Mid-career Graphic Designers with 5-9 years of experience will pocket £26,626.
Experienced Graphic Designers with 10-19 years of experience will make £28,681.
Late career Graphic Designers with more than twenty years’ experience can look forward to a total average of £32,000 compensation.

Essential Skills for Graphic Designers

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design, Adobe InDesign, and Design are some of the most popular skills for Graphic Designers.

How Become a Graphic Designer?

You don’t need a degree to become a Graphic Designer, just passion. But if you are serious about this career path, then an Associate or higher degree will be great.

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

A Graphic Designer in the United Kingdom provides information technology work directly to the general public. Gigs for the graphic designer should reflect his/her distinct style of work while helping to promote a positive image for the company. Also, a designer’s work for an organization should display a relationship of participation in that organization so that the person is more likely to get higher client bonuses and more projects.

Where duties and responsibilities are concerned, this job requires the Graphic Designer to be able to convey a visual message, as well as show a good understanding of how the graphic design may be used in communication, and how to communicate different designs effectively and clearly.