Police Officer Salary

Police Officer Salary

Police Officers earn an average salary of £30,449 or £11.00 per hour, with up to £1,179 in bonus.

Pay by Experience Level for Police Officers

The entry-level, years of experience and the average salary for Police Officers are as follow:

Entry-level Police Officers with less than one-year experience earns £22,724 (bonus, overtime pay, and tips are included).
Early-career Police Officers with 1-4 years of experience can expect to earn £25,395.
Mid-career Police Officers with 5-9 years of experience will pocket £33,218.
Experienced Police Officers with 10-19 years of experience will make £38,048.
Late career Police Officers with more than twenty years’ experience can look forward to a total average of £37,277 compensation.

Essential Skills for Police Officers

Security Policies and Procedures, Leadership and Training, Emergency Response, and Oral / Verbal Communication are some of the most popular skills for Police Officers.

How Become a Police Officer?

The principal pathway for Police Officer (PO) careers in the United Kingdom is through the Police Officer Training College (PTC).

An individual must undertake entry training to become a police officer. Most trainees take a minimum of 20 weeks of training during which they are graded on an excellent, very good and small scale.

The police training system in the UK can provide you with the required skills to become a good PO.

What Do Police Officers Do?

A Police Officer is a designated member of the officer’s force with the purpose of providing oversight, patrolling, public order, crime prevention, and traffic control.

Police Officers are also responsible for dealing with crime incidents, intelligence gathering, building and maintaining community trust, and maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Police Officers also investigate such matters as hate crimes, fatal and non-fatal road accidents, suicide, and other public concerns that may cause an impact on society.